Matt Hazard Bathes PSN, XBLA In Blood This Week

Matt Hazard Bathes PSN, XBLA In Blood This Week

The star of the “2009 blockbuster next-gen hit” Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard makes his way to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade this week in Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond.

“2009 blockbuster next-gen hit” are the words Vicious Cycle Software president Eric Peterson uses to describe Eat Lead on his post on the PlayStation Blog regarding the 2D sequel’s upcoming release, but he does at least add an asterisk to the description, which leads to “* Not actually a blockbuster hit. But it was released in 2009.” You’ve got to love a company that can poke fun at their own titles. Hopefully that sense of humour carries over in Blood Bath and Beyond.

BBB takes players on a tour of Matt Hazard’s fictional back catalogue, travelling through older games as he tries to save his 8-bit self from the villainous General Neutronov. The game drops on the 6th for Xbox Live Arcade and the 7th for the PlayStation Network, and will set you back around $US14.99 no matter what currency you pay in.


  • First i heard of this. Checked out some gameplay on YouTube and looks somewhat fun. So that translates into 1200 Points though right? I guess i won’t be getting it anytime soon though.
    I’m hanging on for that Lead & Gold.

  • Looking at that screenshot, I reckon that the level displayed there is supposed to be a tribute to Team Fortress 2. From the look of the buildings and the cart rails right down to the sniper’s “lemonade”.

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