Meet The Cast Of Sony's Reality Show, The Tester

Because you demanded it, Sony is launching its first PlayStation Network reality show later this year, The Tester. Eleven contestants will battle for the "gamer's ultimate dream job", testing PlayStation games. And these are those 11 contestants.

The cast of The Tester is, as aptly described by the, a diverse group, with gamers from 22 to 36 years old, from clearly telegenic to not quite telegenic, all ready to tear out each other's throats for a QA job at Sony Computer Entertainment. In addition to this group, expect to get face time with game designer extraordinaire David Jaffe - one of the show's judges - and "a special celebrity judge" still to be announced.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm rooting for Blue Shirt Guy behind the couch and hope that Grinning Vest Guy is voted off immediately. And I just have this guy feeling that The Cute Girl will be around longer than most. But I don't know from reality TV! Guess I'll have to watch...

The Tester: Cast of the First-Ever PlayStation Network Reality Series Revealed []


    That vest guy clearly is in the wrong industry. He should try his hand at psychotic serial killer in some b-movie with that smile.

    heh Swoozie and Ciji are trying to get onto TV again. I guess 'The Ultimate Gamer' didn't humiliate Ciji enough, she wants seconds.

      Is Swoozie the 5th along on the couch? Looks like him, but yeah.. nah.. not sure.

        I'm pretty sure it is, if it's not then it is his twin. He always did the 'hoodie' thing.

    ill happily be the 12th guy... the token asian kid

    cos c'mon 11?

    Testing games is actually a terrible job. You're not playing games; you're micro-analysing them for possible glitches and bugs. Just ask HowStuffWorks.

      Just what came to mind when I saw the headline, Minic. "Hey kids! Who wants to humiliate themselves in public for a really, really cruddy job? Yaaaaay!"

    Why the hell would you go to this trouble to get a job as a tester?

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