Mega Man 10 Achievements Are Typically Unreasonable

Mega Man 10 Achievements Are Typically Unreasonable

Cheevers looking for a quick 200 Gamerscore should steer clear of Mega Man 10, because the achievements it offers will be, per the usual, hard won. Of 12, all but three or four seem impossible to me.

And the top payoff, “Mr Perfect” – beat the whole game without taking any damage – delivers a paltry-by-comparison 30 Gamerscore. But at least it’s six times the payout for what you get clearing the game once, by any means.

Here’s the full list:

Whomp Wily! (5)

Clear the game once.

Blue Bomber (10)

Clear the game in under an hour.

Superhero (10)

Clear the game on hard.

Hard Rock (20)

Make it to a boss room without getting damaged.

Headbanging (20)

Defeat the 8 bosses without your helmet on.

Destroyer (20)

Defeat 1000 enemies.

World Warrior (5)

Defeat one of every type of enemy.

Trusty Sidearm (20)

Defeat the 8 bosses with just your default weapon.

No Coffee Break (10)

Clear the game without using any energy, mystery, or weapon tanks.

Tenacious (20)

Clear the game without continuing.

Invincible (30)

Clear the game without dying.

Mr. Perfect (30)

Clear the game without getting damaged.

Mega Man 10 Achievement List [Xbox 360]



    Man thats got to be as hard as the Platinum Fight Night Trophy, (Be ranked #1 on the online leaderboards)

  • @Hayview: There’s a Platinum trophy for that?? Thats just a tad ridiculous.

    Although i can see the differences of Achievements and Trophies – sometimes i do feel that achievements should be a bit more difficult. I know all that does is make it harder to up your Gamerscore, but perhaps do something else.

    The trophy system has 3 rewards for minor to major and more challenging tasks. Where as achievements is just a score that adds up and usually more challenging tasks give higher points. I do prefer to get an achievement than a trophy – but sometimes when you get a trophy you feel more rewarded at times.

    Perhaps they could introduce something else WITH achievements but I doubt that would happen and nothing would change until the next Xbox.

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