Mega Man Zero Coming To Nintendo DS

All the Mega Man Zero games in one place. On your Nintendo DS.

Capcom has just announced the Mega Man Zero Collection, which is a compilation of all four Game Boy Advance games in the Zero series.

Mega Man Zero was first released back in 2002 and praised for going back to the franchise's original 2D platforming roots. The Zero Collection will be released on the Nintendo DS on April 22 in Japan and priced at ¥4190 ($50). Details are scant and no word about extra features or graphic updates.

Zero Collection [Capcom via The Mega Man Network]




    Now, will it let me access the secret area in Megaman ZX? I bet it won't, but here's hoping!

      Probably not.. seeing as you need to have the DS cart AND the ZX cart in at the same time to unlock the secret area...

      Of course if they went through w/ that weird wacky 2 DS slots on that prototype ages ago you might have had a chance =3

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