Megadeth Hints At Big Plans For Guitar Hero

Answering the fan mailbag on the band's official site, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine says he's had recent "high level meetings" with Activision and Neversoft to discuss an idea that is more attractive to the band than a dedicated box set.

Here's Mustaine's reply to a fan's query about a potential Guitar Hero: Megadeth, a very popular question on their site:

I have recently had two very important high-level meetings with the people from Activision and Neversoft, and we are talking about a lot of things, but a Guitar Hero box set is not as attractive to me and the people from Guitar Hero as the new idea that they offered me, as the creative stuff that we are talking about is over-the-moon! I just hope that someone doesn't stand in the way of this happening. I know that there are a lot of really damaging results from our mothership (Warner) having some legal disputes with YouTube and Guitar Hero to name just a few.

Of course, Megadeth's songs have appeared in Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero II and Guitar Hero 5. And this clever fan-made video imagines a dedicated Megadeth game, although clearly that hasn't happened.

I've emailed Guitar Hero representatives to ask what's up, but it sounds like this is at such a proto-stage I'm not sure they'll have much comment.

ScorpioN [, thanks Kyle M.]


    Megadeth playin, but whose listenin?

      I would rust in peace if I died listenin' to Megadeth, hur hur

    Good to see Mustaine is still living in Metallicas shadow

      ...except Metallica became angry old men who play country music and sue children, while Megadeth kept turning out sweet metal and touring th e globe for reasonable priced tickets.

      If "not being a bunch of has-been jerks who haven't made anything decent since they got 70 better musucians than them to play their old songs" is living in Metallica's shadow, I hope more bands do the same.

        Wait...this is Kotaku! Not some metal forum! You almost confused me sir!

          Talking about a video game dedicated to a metal band that sells millions every release and fills stadiums, yet people call them irrelevant!

    great, now people can not care about both guitar hero AND megadeth...

    I know the guys from Metallica and Dave Mustaine had a falling out when he was in the band but to be honest with you, and I will probably be jumped on for saying this, but who cares.

    I mean it's all about the music right and I think both bands are great.

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