Memorex Jumps On The Wii Bandwagon, Brings Colour

Memorex, not willing to cede the lucrative gaming Nintendo peripheral market to the likes of Energizer, Mad Catz and Logitech, announced today nearly a dozen accessories for the DS and Wii that you likely won't need or want.

The company is so enthused by the idea of their products helping families spend time together playing games that they've invented their own word for this pastime. They call it "WeTime".

The WeTime Parent Survey showed Memorex that 45 per cent of those surveyed selected "playing a video game we can all enjoy" as one of their favourite at-home family WeTime activities.

And how can you possibly enjoy WeTime without Memorex accessories which offer "thoughtful features and bright colours".

You can't, that's how. It's impossible. I've tried. Fortunately, Memorex has your back with these 11 accessories that have already been made by nearly as many companies:

The rubberised racing wheel for the Wii, the wireless sensor bar, the MotionPlus Remote and Nunchuk, a charging kit, a starter kit, a protective cover for Wii Fit, a fitness mat for Wii Fit, a rechargeable batter pack for Wii Fit, a fitness starter kit for Wii Fit, a protective case for DSi, and car charging kit for DSi, Lite and DSi XL.


    A more accurate statement would be another rubbish racing wheel for the Wii.

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