Metal Gear: Peace Walker Is All Kojima's Idea

Most games on Earth are the result of collaborations. Many men and women working together to forge games out of a sea of ideas. Except, that is, for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. That's pretty much all Hideo Kojima.

"Well it's strange, but not so many ideas come from the other staff", the humble boss of a studio bearing his own name told the Official PlayStation Magazine. "Co-op Ring, Love Box - the names and the ideas come from myself".

Something tells us that's a phenomenon not exclusive to Peace Walker. Explains why his games are in such dire need of someone to edit stream of consciousness into something more cohesive, but then I guess it also explains why, in spite of this, people simply adore all things Metal Gear.

Kojima: "Not many ideas come from my team" [CVG]


    Wow. Peace Walker is going to be insane. In both a good and bad way, I'm guessing.

    They have only talked about Adhoc multiplayer atm..

    which could pretty much kill this game in the west beside the singleplayer story

    Its pretty obviouse Hideo wants this game to reach monster hunter level sucsess on the psp.

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