Metal Gear Solid: Rising's Raiden Has Changed

Kojima Productions has apparently turned Metal Gear Solid: Rising's Raiden from brown-eyed to blue, one of many little tweaks to the Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty co-star since his E3 2009 debut.

The new Raiden is less undead looking, has a little more bounce in his wavy white hair, is slightly less matte and has been given a bit of a simplifying once-over by the developers it seems. Plus there's something in the way, something that looks almost like a sword, but also like a mistake. Go on, click on that image to see the finer details!

The folks at The Snake Soup spotted the updated Raiden render while playing a bit of Metal Gear Solid: Piece Walker, the recently launched multiplayer jigsaw puzzle game from Kojima Productions. Maybe there are more surprises buried within that online game.

And maybe we'll see a bit more of Raiden and Metal Gear Solid: Rising at this year's E3.

Raiden 2.0 [Twitpic via Metal Gear Scholar - thanks, Matthew!]


    The original one looks cooler.

    agreed, his head looks like its a different shape aswell.

    He looks more girly than that guy from Hanson.


    They could be two completely different characters, the only odd thing is the bandage over the eye.

    Looks stupid...

    The original design probably had the Kojima seal of approval but this one most likely did not. I hope that doesn't say anything about how the game itself will turn out...

    Original is better. i mean his hair looks so... GHEY!!
    A wave? Seriously.. who are they trying to attract with it?

    Eye colour is stupid, brown looks better. The only better thing is the colour of his skin - but its not really better either. The other was cool, but if it makes him look less un-dead or what not, then whatever. It seems like he looks more bulkier too - something that doesn't suit Raiden.

    He looks like an Orbital Frame.

    I think the blue eyes probably would have gone better with the original, the tan looks stupid, but the face itself looks like it has slightly more detail

    I think he looks a little bit ( a tiny bit ) more like liquid snake in the updated render

    Didn't Raiden have blue eyes anyway? Left one looks more like a future sunny or maybe past... anyway wild speculation aside, looks more like an ingame model now and raiden looks a bit like snake with the bandage/animated look and the change of eyebrows sorta hints to more wild speculations.

    he looks way cooler in the first pic, maybe obly the blue eyes look better...

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