Metro 2033 Screens Depict A Really Dark Future

It doesn't get much darker than a post-apocalyptic survival romp through Moscow's ruined subway system, as proven by these very dark screens for THQ's upcoming shooter Metro 2033.

I've the type of person that gets really into my story-driven first-person shooters, to the point where I get extremely jumpy and, at times, have to turn off the game and sit in a well-lighted room to assure myself that there aren't radiation mutants lurking around the next corner. Metro 2033 looks like the sort of game that thrives on the darkness, which means I will likely play with the brightness setting on my monitor cranked all the way up. It isn't cheating if I convince myself my monitor is broken.


    what are we shooting in this game?
    zombies? werewolves? mutant animals?

      From memory there is some sort of monster involvement and also mutant animals.

    Wow Darius - you make such a solid point. It's never clicked to me until now that we actually don't know. Maybe thats going to be some secret or part of the game that you don't know?

    The trailer shows really nothing and was nothing but a teaser. These screenshots are actually decent compared to that teaser.

    They show mutants and shit in the trailers...

    This looks good, very STALKERish... you better be able to go outside the metro though, all the screens look claustrophobic, and a tad samey... I just wish they'd actually bring STALKER to consoles as well, I can't think of a game that would work better and sell better. On PC it feels so clunky and old fashioned... right click to aim down the sight does not feel right...

    The graphics look very CoD like.

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