Metroid Prime Trilogy No Longer Published Or Shipped

Four months after its release, Nintendo has stopped publishing and shipping the Metroid Prime: Collector's Edition. A company rep told an interested gamer the only way to find it now is through the second-hand market.

"[It]is no longer being shipped," Nintendo told the blog Coffee With Games. "When first introduced, it was announced that there would be limited availability. However, a reason for this was not announced. That being said, you may still be able to locate a copy via stores that specialize in previously played or used games."

Granted, it should be rather easy to find this game elsewhere. But it's interesting to note the relatively short lifespan and the fact it's the first New Play Control! to be discontinued. Metroid Prime: Trilogy is No Longer Being Published or Shipped? [Coffee with Games via Go Nintendo]


    wouldnt corruption be better to own anyway?

      The Trilogy includes Corruption, so I don't really see how it's better for them to keep the standalone game on the shelves instead of this, which is much better value.

    The stock levels of the Trilogy have been dismal since its release, and it's been discontinued in our system for well over a month (EB btw). I think I saw like 4 copies come to my store. On launch we were sent like 2 copies, and we had 3 orders. It's a shame because it was one of the best games launched last year (even though it had 0 new content) and a lot of people were chasing after it. Nintendo, looking after it's hardcore fanbase.

    Geez and I have been holding off buying this...better get myself a copy ASAP.

      Yeah, I keep looking at this and saying to myself 'Maybe some other time, when I don't have other games at home that need to be played'. I wonder if my local EB still has a copy...

    Ah crap, I've been putting off buying it. I should get myself a copy before it disappears.

    This may also be the case for Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. At JB Hi-Fi, our system said the game was deleted (ie. discontinued).

    Thank god i got my copy when it came out.

    Well, I guess it's a "Collectors Edition" so it can't really be sold without limit. It's a shame because it is fantastic value and one of the few Platinum rated games on the Nintendo channel. I owned both Primes on the GameCube, but only got half way through the first one. I've completed Prime 1 in the new Trilogy and am currently enjoying Echoes. Some of the best gaming the Wii has to offer.

    GAME have it on sale for $79 (web only according to the site)! Just ordered myself a copy!

    The local JB have heaps still

    I thought that comment only applied to NOA, has there been any confirmation that its been discontinued over here as well?

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