Microsoft Facing Lawsuit Over Xbox Live Pricing

Samuel Lassoff, an attorney in Philadelphia, is taking Microsoft to court over claims that the Xbox 360's currency system - Microsoft Points - exists to "unjustly enrich" the console manufacturer.

The basis of Lassoff's complaint will no doubt also the basis of many of your complaints over the system. Namely, that prices are engineered so that you buy more points than you need, but the leftover points aren't enough to buy something else.

He alleges that this practice amounts to a "fraudulent handling" of his account, the end result being the attorney is now filing a class action suit against Microsoft.

It's convenient timing on the part of Lassoff, coming on the heels of Microsoft's comments last week which cast doubt on the future of the unpopular, confusing currency system. Hopefully this gives the company the kick along it needs to do away with it altogether.

Microsoft Points Draw Class Action Suit [Information Week]


    Yes!!! It should be exactly like psn.

    bill gates deep pockets mr money !

    I hope he wins, but at the same time, you know Micro$oft will just send him a cheque, and nothing will change... despite the fact that the points system *exists* to mislead people...

    Great. Now we just need to hope the guy wins.

    "Namely, that prices are engineered so that you buy more points than you need, but the leftover points aren’t enough to buy something else."

    That is EXACTLY the problem with microsoft points. In order to get the dlc you want, you have to get more points than you need. Then when you want more dlc, you need to get more points again that you need even less because you still have a small amount left from the last batch... GAHHH

    I hope this guy actually gets somewhere with this lawsuit because the system needs to be changed. Why can't I just use cash like Games on Demand? Only thing with that is, they overcharge when cash is involved! So either way it sucks. sigh.

      I agree completely.

      They should turn it into:

      $1.00 as a basis.

      you pay $1.00

      on the screen it says: $1.00

      not this 'points' bullshit.

      There should also be a $1.00 minimum for dlc, to ensure you can spend your minimum amount of money, to ensure there will always be value. PSN did indeed have better value when I had a ps3 for its network.

    If something on the marketplace is $5, then I want to spend $5.
    Not $8.95, converted into points, then use points to buy the item.
    Just let me spend $5!

    PSN isn't much better.. Wanting to buy FF8 from the American store, I bought a $20 US game card from ebay. The title was $9.99 US, so I figured I could buy two.. only to be slapped with an extra 80c tax upon checkout, leaving me with only 9.20 remaining on the account, forcing me to need to buy another card to make up a second $9.99 purchase.

      That's your own fault for buying game cards, though.

        What's my alternative? Sign up for a US credit card? Or wait another 4 months for them to release it in Aus?


      I've never been charged tax in the US Store - and I've bought quite a few games like Wolfenstien and Marvel Vs Capcom 2 - NO TAX...

        Perhaps it depends on the address you used to sign up for the account. It seems various regions are taxed on purchases, while others are not. Some people even mention that the state you register from makes a difference. Reading around several forums shows this to be the case.

          Or you could just get a debit card from your local bank like i did. Its basically a credit card but it takes money straight from your account. Lets me buy from any PSN store i want and i won't get stuck with crazy interest payments as long as the account has money.

          I am also Australian by the way.

          My "US Address" is a Chinese restaurant in Chicago

    i've had 50msp sitting on my account for two years now, and it's not even enough to buy some shitty hat for my avatar, no... they're 60msp...

    i agree with this guy, as we all do.. but you know if microsoft are ordered to remove the points system, the prices will just go up. they are c***s like that.

    I quite often have 10-90MSP sitting on my account, and it's bloody irritating!

    I'm not going to buy some stupid hat or tshirt for my avatar just for the sake of using it - I want to pay exactly how much it costs to buy the DLC!

    It's no different to when you go to a music festival when they make you line up to buy tickets, then you swap those tickets over for drinks - you might buy tickets in lumps of 10, but beer cost 3 tickets and spirits are 6 tickets

    I think I prefer points to actual dollars. It means I don't need to worry about conversion rates, which could be a pain if a developer releases content for '$5.00' but doesn't specify currency, or there are ludicrous discrepancies in prices ($40USD =/= $80AUD).

    That said, I'd still prefer to buy a specific amount of points. I want to buy something worth 800 points, then I go to a gameshop and purchase exactly 800 points for however much local cash that costs. That's how I'd prefer to do things.

    I just don't like the idea of trying to buy a product online that costs '$5USD' if that means conversion of currencies.

      You have a point there.
      As per Jimbop's situation if Australians bought a $20 card for XBL for a US$20 item it would either cost more than $20 at the shops or not be enough to buy the item in question.

      The points system is at least universal.
      The simplest option would be to just offer relevant denominations of points - 80/400/800/1200 or be specific as you say.

    anon and jo -do you work for microsoft by any chance?

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