Microsoft Made $US19b Last Quarter, Sold 5.2 Million Xbox 360s

It was a good quarter for Xbox 360 maker Microsoft. No, it was the company's best ever, pulling in record revenue of $US19.02 billion. It highlighted "exceptional demand for Windows 7", not the decrease in the Xbox 360 division.

Microsoft's Entertainment & Devices Division, corporate home to the Xbox business, was responsible for $US2.9 billion of that company-wide $US19 billion haul. That includes 5.2 million Xbox 360s being snapped up in the three months ending December 31, down 13 per cent from the previous year with a "console mix shift to Elite and special editions" versions of the console. So, fewer Xbox 360s sold compared to last year, but buyers are buying bigger.

The positives from the Xbox group include 35 per cent growth in Xbox Live memberships, now with 23 million members.


    Well, they discontinued the PRO so I'm guessing more people shifted to the elite for that reason.

    Oh man I remember that water balloon fight too, I'm somewhere in the 'B'

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