Microsoft's Experimental, Hands-Free Technology

Microsoft are developing technology that will allow people to perform "everyday tasks" - like playing Guitar Hero - by using their muscles, and not their hands.

The tech works by reading your body's electrical activity (the signals sent from your brain to your limbs) and intercepting the data, replicating the action in a program.

Potential uses for this tech include increased accessibility for those with disabilities and... lazy men with their hands full.

The above clip shows how it works, and also shows how Activision and Harmonix might be able to get around the cost and inconvenience of bulky plastic instruments by pitching future band games to the air guitar crowd.

Microsoft EMG Research Would Let Users Strong-Arm Gadgets Into Submission [Gizmodo]


    " pitching future band games to the air guitar crowd."

    I think you just nailed it.

    "Like playing Guitar Hero - by using their muscles,and not their hands" Honestly who would want to do that.

    Give me a plastic guitar or drum controller any day. If Harmonix and or Activision actually go through with this and don't support and or produce the real life instrument controllers anymore, then I simply just won't buy their games. I don't like this idea at all.

    Why are MS developing this when they've got Natal?

    This seems not much different to the Power Glove, which failed.

      uh, because its not just for gaming?

      i would love to be able to control my media device while jogging without touching it, although hand controls would go off inadvertently when you flex or stretch your hands etc.

      Unless that motion he does (bringing his hands up) initiates the device first.

    I think I speak for all gamers when I say:

    No thanks.

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