Modern Warfare 2 Soundtrack Album Oscar Mike!

Hans Zimmer, who has composed movie soundtracks for Hollywood flicks like Rain Man and Crimson Tide, scored Infinity Ward's blockbuster shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Zimmer's Facebook fan page announces that an MW2 original soundtrack is in the works - no word yet on a release date or release formats.

Last fall, Zimmer talked about his decision to score Modern Warfare 2, his first video game score. Unlike composing for a film, a video game score requires significantly more music.

The composer told USA Today that it was the game's graphics which helped convinced him to take on the project. "You have to realise I like doing big movies that appear on a big screen," he said. "So the visuals and the audio have to be of a certain quality before I start to get excited about the thing."

Facebook | Hans Zimmer: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 / It's Complicated / Sherlock Holmes [Facebook via GamePro]


    I have procured MW2 soundtrack, 3 weeks ago...

    stay frosty

      tango down

        Tango suckahhh, bambi!

    Foxtrot uniform charlie kilo yankee oscar uniform to you all!

    I'm shocked this is his first video-game score. I expected someone like him to do a Halo game, the scores in that are much more epic and well, greater anyway.

    But then what Bungie did with the Halo 1 soundtrack was freaking awesome its better than Zimmer. He tends to sound the same in his scores and MW2, as good as it was, tried too hard.

    If you own the game on PC and have winZip you already own the soundtrack!

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