Monsters Probably Stole Your Princess

Sonic the Hedgehog Level Creator creators Mediatonic are making a move onto the PSP next month with Monsters Probably Stole My Princess, a game that pushes the size limit for PSP minis.

PSP minis are limited to 100MB in size, and Mediatonic is cutting it awfully close with Monsters Probably Stole My Princess, which weighs in at 95MB. The mini is an upwards-scrolling platformer that pits the player in the shoes The Duke, a demon who may or may not have had his princess stolen by monsters. We're really not sure, and neither is he, but that doesn't stop him from chasing monsters and bashing into them to halt their manic flight.

It's small, it's cute, and it's on its way to the PSP and PlayStation 3 next month. Will I play it? Probably.


    Looks nice and quirky; I'll wait for the reviews but could be a good pickup for the PSP.

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