More Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Moments From Panama

DICE blows up more stuff happening in Panama in the latest installment of Battlefield: Bad Company 2's Battlefield Moments.

At first I thought this was the same Panama trailer that Luke posted back in December, but upon closer inspection it's obvious this footage and that footage are different. For instance, it's nearly a month later, and this video is a bit shorter.

OK, other than that the two clips are pretty similar, but you can never have too much footage of things blowing up, especially when it's this pretty.


    I thought this looked familiar. Remember watching it on Gametrailers before Christmas.

    Regardless, DICE's sound in this game (even from clips!) sounds astonishing. Bad Company really nailed the sound and it seems they've tried going for the subtle one-up route. And damn it sounds fine.

      Wow, I said sound too much. I should take out shares.


    Thinking about post-poning my wedding on the 6th of March so I can play this from the launch day (5th of March) the very least I'll be taking my PS3 on my honeymoon! Haha

      I know the first part was sarcasm
      but i PRAY that the second part was too.

    good luck with that, no srs don't >.>

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