Multiplayer Patched Into Original Aliens Vs Predator Re-Release

Rebellion's boss promised the Steam re-release of 1999's original Aliens vs Predator would support multiplayer. They've delivered, patching in the support for that today.

Here's what it will and won't do:

• Integrated with Steam Overlay

• Uses Steam name

• Host/Join games via bare-bones in-game lobby browser

• Can invite and join friends and others via the Steam overlay

• Game attempts host migration

• Dedicated servers are not supported or planned

The game is $US4.99 but if you already bought it, the multiplayer patch will be served for free.

Aliens vs. Predator Classic 2000 [Steam]


    what's really stupid is that they didn't offer this as a pre-order bonus for people who buy the new AvP on steam. I would have much preferred this over some random RTS that no-one plays

      If i didnt already own that RTS i would have brought the AVP game...

      Its form the original makers or C&C so its ment to be good (its still being downlowed on my list :( )

    It's not stupid, it's profit. Give away AvP1 free and they make no money. They didn't have to give you any game at all.

      of course they didn't, it would have just, you know, made sense. Also, if they gave away the first AVP as a pre-order bonus, i'd be much more tempted to buy it from steam, instead of retail (which is what i did)

    another reason i love steam tho - getting my old games working again without the pain of doing it myself :)

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