Mummy, Where Do Game Boxes Come From?

Sometimes, the most interesting back-stories can be the ones about the most uninteresting things. Take, for instance, the humble zipper. Or, for a more relevant example, how video game boxes are made.

Gamasutra ran a great interview last week with the creative director of Hamagami/Carroll, a packaging company that's designed the game boxes for titles like Quake Wars, Warhammer Online and Modern Warfare 2.

Hamagami/Carroll's Justin Carroll says that the process isn't as quick or as easy as you'd think; the company spent two years designing the box for Quake Wars, which he says is necessary because "packaging communicates a deeper story about the game", and that "You can't bullshit a core audience".

Good reading on an under-appreciated part of the creative design process. You can check it out below.

Interview: What's In A Box? Game Packaging Unpacked [Gamasutra]


    'You can't bullshit a core audience'

    I like that sentiment, hopefully developers will get wind of it. Or perhaps the producers of Good Game... grumble grumble... still angry about that...

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