+ Muscle, + Stamina, - Fat

Poster seen by reader Reagan M. in a gym - not in Ganton, but New Zealand.


    hmmmm... I smell a lawsuit coming

    LOL he went to all that effort to rip off GTA with his poster, then ruins it by using comic sans ms font at the bottom, making the whole thing look like one of those crappy desktop published flyers you see at doctors surguries.

    no lawsuit here ! just pure fucking awesome!

    Did anyone else read "Get Stoned" ?
    Or was it just me...

      I read it too.

        Yeah, i read "Get stoned as..." my first try. But i'm drunk as. Australia day ftw.

    I'm wondering what that guy of the left is doing...

    No lawsuit because he's not saying he made the GTA entry, he's using influences from the graphical style - that's not plagiurism.

      Actually it is plagiarism and copyright infringement due to reusing Cesars image in the middle, all they've done is added a really bad right arm to it, otherwise its the exact image from San Andreas's cover.

    that GR* logo is just the pinnacle of douchebaggery

    I'm not sure what the point of appropriating the GTA4 cover was. It's entirely irrelevant, and doesn't enhance the ad's message in anyway.

    Unless of course Mr. Rodgers hopes to share his training on hi-jacking tread mills and beating up hookers with dumb bells.

    If he had of gone to the trouble of drawing it 'all' up himself, using just a similar theme and style and even the same graphic font, thatd be cool.

    This is just a few pieces of Rstar work advertising his crappy workouts.

    The fact hes using it to advertise could tecyhnically be reason enough for a lawsuit.
    I dont thikn Rstar would bother though.

    i hope he gets sued, that looks aweful and clearly just photoshopd a GTA SA poster

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