My Gaming Decade

Numerous recent retrospectives showed that, from 2000-2009, video games changed. But how did you change alongside the games of the '00s? I've compiled My Gaming Decade. You go next.

2000: A year removed from grad school, I bought The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, which would prove to be my favourite game ever.

2001: I attended my first E3, getting my first try at Pikimin, my first look at Halo and my first and only instance of being weighed down on a Los Angeles street corner with overstuffed press-kit-filled GameCube/Xbox/PS2 backpacks. Gave one of them away on the spot to some eager swag hunters. On the other side of September 11 and brief unemployment, I bought a purple GameCube. The guys who reserved ahead of me got black.

2002: Broke a streak of owning only Nintendo consoles that had started post-Odyssey-2 with an NES, then a SNES, then a Nintendo 64 and GameCube. Got myself a PlayStation 2. Also got my first handheld, one of those barely viewable original Game Boy Advances. This was probably the year my then-wife-to-be realised the guy she had started dating was very much into video games. She was there for the purchase of the GBA.

2003: Decided VH1 was the career road on which I wanted to travel forever (not a hard decision) and tried for the first time in two years, to write an article or two about video games… resulting in a GameSpy feature and a string of columns for IGN, the former for pay the latter for, well, glory? Visited Rockstar NYC for the first time to see Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, watching a concept reel that introduced the flavour of the game via a montage of movie and TV clips. Then watched CJ bike through virtual LA. Got an Xbox.

2004: Landed my fist video game story in The New York Times, on why video games had ignored Vietnam so long, then one on the oddball Nintendo DS, which included private interviews with company bigwigs Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto and then, to round out the year, the first article in that major publication about Second Life (don't blame me for the avalanche that followed!). Didn't manage to work at up-and-coming blog Kotaku, not for lack of trying.

2005: Finished at VH1. Finished freelancing about video games. Got a Dragon Age reference in the Times. Started covering them for MTV News. Went to Blizzcon and interviewed a wheelchair-bound woman about her thrill of being able to use stairs, virtually, in World of Warcraft.

2006 : Went to Tokyo for the first time, met Tomonobu Itagaki, who became the first and only game developer to interrupt my questions to tell me I had the "eyes of a gambler". Also bought Mother 3 with Tim Rogers and got engaged (not to Tim.) Coped with my wife-to-be's summer in the Congo as any man would: By logging 64 hours, 51 minutes and 29 seconds on Suikoden V before finishing it, the most time I'd spend playing through a game in the decade. Names the 10 Most Influential Gamers Of All Time.

2007: Named the tables at my wedding after locations in video games. Started a gaming blog at MTV.

2008: Reached the final big decision in Fable II, but paused the game to watch Barack Obama win the Presidency. With euphoria around me in Brooklyn (people were cheering and dancing in the street all night), I still went to bed missing my virtual dog.

2009: Joined Kotaku. Wrote a few posts. Made a few jokes. Bought an apartment. Finished a lot of games.

That was my gaming decade. What was yours?


    Broken Playstation
    Logged countless hours in Pokemon Blue and Yellow on the Game Boy Colour

    Got new PS1 moved back to 3rd world
    Never heard of a GameCube or Xbox

    Became fully aware of what the internet could do
    Found Google
    Given and GBA
    Moved back to developed world

    PS2 at long last
    Learnt what a Game Cube and Xbox were

    Fairly sure it was Pokemon something on the GBA

    Learnt what an MMORPG was became interested in WoW (woops)

    WoW and BF2142 my first experiences online gaming
    Given Nintendo DS Lite

    Still playing WoW (reach 60 Aug) and BF2142, delight at seeing myself improve on the scoreboard

    Reach lvl 70 finally on WoW, one hour later discover WOTLK announcement. Rage quit! 2142 game gets me an invite to the AEF (Australian Gaming Clan) Bought Company of Heroes and first expansion - PoP the Two Thrones - STALKER - Assassins Creed - CoD4MW. Good year for PC gaming
    Finally bought and Xbox 360 replace WoW with acheivements (sigh)

    Spent most of the year computer less
    Played through and 100% finished both Assassins Creed 1 and 2
    memorable games include Fallout 3, Skate 2, Mirrors Edge, Burnout Paradise, L4D, TF2, Zombie Panic! Source, and Bad Company.
    Gamerscore increased on Average 1000 points a month.

    and thats about it.

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