My, God Of War III, What A Big Box You Have...

Earlier today, you saw the final box art for the regular edition of Sony's God of War III, featuring Kratos giving you the big, angry Greek eye. Here's what the collector's edition looks like.

Because it comes in a chest, and includes a ton of stuff like art books and soundtracks, we'd figured the box was going to be big. But this big? I've seen many game stores in my time, but never have I seen one with mere shelves that could accommodate something like this.


    Almost as big as a Ps3's box?

    Are there measurements, I mean it's a picture of the box. With no quantitative measurement to reference.

    You can use the PS3 logo as a reference as to approximate size if it's the same size as the PS3 logo on a standard game case.

    How big is _this_ big?

      according to this picture...

      The actual box inside the box is...

      Width - 8.3in
      Length - 10.5in
      Height - 5.9in

      so it will be bigger than that...

    That`s a lot of God of War III indeed... A little too much for me to handle anyway.

    But... why?

    Seems like unashamed self promotion if you ask me... "Not only do you want every game in the series, you also want all this other expensive, irrelevant junk that you'll look at once then put in a drawer!"

    I'm not kidding, I probably would have bought the trilogy if it was by itself.

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