Naughty Bear Ignores Your Cries For Mercy

If this clip of Naughty Bear relentlessly pursuing his whimpering prey with a shotgun featured humans instead of stuffed animals there would almost certainly be some sort of public outcry.

This is the second trailer for Naughty Bear, following up on the introduction video we posted on Tuesday. In it we see a far less sympathetic Naughty Bear, pursuing his wounded victim through the woods before finishing him off with an off-screen shotgun blast.

It's actually beginning to get a bit much now, even for a game featuring cuddly stuffed bears. Is there a line being crossed here, or is this all still good fun?


    Depends how they do it.
    It seems like they are going for a "Conkers Bad Fur Day" kinda vibe. Cute yet insanely violent and disturbing.

    It was originally reported as a downloadable game... so $20 max I would guess. Yeah, I was interested then, but now that it will be a full game @ at least $80 upon release. Nope, i'm not interested anymore.

    Obviously it is just going for the shock value, once that is over then it may as well look like Saints Row 2 or something. The graphics are a bit ordinary too.

    I am happy to be proven wrong though, but my my isn't watering just yet.

    It's a bit like Conkers Bad Fur Day, but more malicious.

    Serves Giggles right for laughing at Naughty Bear in the previous trailer. Next on the list: Chubby. Then he can go to Daddles' birthday party!

    kinda like happy tree friends but with more interactivity?

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