Naughty Bear Is Slightly Disturbing

A dishevelled teddy bear casually wielding a machete is exactly the sort of thing I used to have nightmares about as a small child.

When AJ previewed Artificial Mind & Movement's Naughty Bear for Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network, she neglected to mention the machete. What kind of nightmare world do we live in where a bear holding a machete goes unnoticed? Sure, the machete is only on-screen for a few short moments, but that's the sort of image that burns itself into your brain.

When I was a child, stuffed animals were the source of many nights spent in my parents' bed, terrified out of my wits after my traitorous subconscious twisted innocent childhood playthings into terrifying beasts. Once I dreamt that Grover from Sesame Street was sitting on my chest, staring at me with his eyes burning with a demonic red flame.

What I am trying to say here is that my subconscious doesn't need the help.

Am I the only one who had nightmares about their toys?


    Ive never had nightmares about stuffed toys.

    I used to have nightmares of the toilet though, all thanks to my belife that slimer from the ghostbusters movie would burst out and grab me while i was on the can. Kinda made it hard to go to the toliet, especially at night. Yeah, wierd i know.

      Dude. My child hood dreams were litterally a recurring horror of ghost buster induced toilet trauma. EVERY NIGHT. total terror. what set me off though was an action figure called "fearsome flush" litterally a possessed toilet. In my dreams, i would flush, and the toilet would come to life and try to eat me. my nights were spent being hunted by this thing. since it was a reccurring dream, i clued in, don't flush the toilet. but then my dream mom would get upset, and yell, and flush, and OH GOD THE TOILET HAS EATEN MY FAMILY. the fear crossed over into waking days, i would litterally flush then sprint out of the bathroom. "Easy, did you wash your hands?" , "yes dad, for sure", "no you didn't you just ran the fuck out of there" , "oh god no! DONT MAKE ME GO BACK IN THERE", then i would get drug back in, convinced everyone in the house was about to die horrifically.

      anyways, it's nice to finally know that someone else out there had a kinda similar problem. now a days i find the washroom a peaceful place to be, and think of toilets as almost aesthetically appealing, not in a creepy fetish way though, just practical sculptures. I hope things are going just as well for you joe. and that you are sporting some fantastic prosthetic legs.

    Freaky. Though the overacting is horrible, tone it down three clicks people, it looks like 1st year drama class.

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