Naughty Bear Screens Just As Creepy As The Trailer

Not even disco dancing teddy bears can save this batch of Naughty Bear screens from being just as disturbing as the trailer we posted yesterday.

At first I was relieved. The image of a disco dancing teddy lulled me into a false sense of security, making the scenes of bear-on-bear fisticuffs seem tame. Then I saw the screen of Naughty slowly following his panicked victim with an axe, followed by the screaming bear trying to escape the mixing bowl while Naughty watches with his lifeless, beady black eyes.

After reading through the comments in yesterday's post I realised that my childhood nightmares about relatively innocent things walking towards me with imagined murderous intent, leaving me unable to move or make a noise, were relatively common. Perhaps Artificial Mind & Motion have tapped into that. Or perhaps there's just something wrong with them.

Oh, and to clarify, Naughty Bear is a full retail release for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and not a downloadable title as we may have indicated in the past. That doesn't help the creepy, of course, but it does lessen some confusion.


    the nightmares.... they won't stop....

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