Neill Blomkamp “Stressed Out” By Idea Of District 9 Game

Neill Blomkamp “Stressed Out” By Idea Of District 9 Game

At one time, director Neill Blomkamp was just the guy who was going to helm the now-on-ice Halo Hollywood flick. That movie never happened. Sci-fi hit District 9 did, and Blompkamp’s career took off.

In the short time since District 9 has hit theatres (and taken off), Blomkamp has shown street smarts about the Hollywood game — he’s reluctant to plunge into another “District” movie so not to pigeonhole himself as the District 9 guy. And when the Los Angeles Times asked the filmmaker about the chances of typical Hollywood movie trappings like a video game spin-off, Blomkamp, a gamer himself, replied, “The idea of District 9 as a video game stresses me out a little bit because games based on movies rarely work. And movies based on games don’t work — I don’t know what’s up with that.”

This coming from the one pegged to bring Halo to the silver screen! Though, here when he says movies based on video games do not work, he is not talking about himself or the Halo film he intended to make, but the video game films Hollywood has made. (Here is Blomkamp’s cinematic take on the Halo universe.)

Blomkamp does admit that a District 9 video game would be “fascinating” as the movie’s environments would make intriguing virtual environments and the game’s weapons are “cool”. The director says in some parts of the movie, he filmed the game in a manner that isn’t so different from a video game.

“So a game would be interesting to me,” he adds. “There’s nothing happening with it though.”

Blomkamp goes on to say he isn’t interested in doing a District 9 TV show — but the door sounds open on another District film sometime in the future. “I know what I’m doing next so it wouldn’t be right away.”

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  • I really loved District 9 but a TV Show.. No thanks, not interested, goodbye!

    Buts its true about games and movies. Usually the movies flop cause studios give them such a small budget than what they deserve, they can only afford crappy directors/screenwriters & producers. Sometimes the actors can be good, but can definitely be better.

    Then again, some games shouldn’t be turned into movies. Only a handful suit the role. Halo, Uncharted, Dead Space, Mass Effect are my personal picks. Dead Space would make an awesome indie sci-fi horror flick. I would even love an Assassin’s Creed – WITHOUT the animus.

    But District 9 video game, no thankyou to that either. The story doesn’t suit a video games. Thats the difference between movies and games – usually video game stories aren’t worthy of movie stroylines cause they are crappy or way too confusing. District 9 is too good of story to be a video game. As much as i would love a sequel, he shoot steer clear from it for a while. And if a TV Show is on the card, he is contradicting his statement of not wanting to be the District 9 guy.

  • I remember when I was watching District 9 in the cinema, it gave em that same kind of rush as playing a fast paced FPS… the whole time I was thinking ‘this would make a facking awesome game!’

  • ‘Interactivity’ is the single biggest problem of converting games into anything. In a game you can choose which path you wanna take, which enemy you wanna kill, how do you do it, whether you want to use that potion or not, etc etc. In a movie however you are the passive man, you just take what they give you – no questions ask.

    Sometimes the people who make the movie are also so far removed form the people who play the damn game…

  • A District 9 game would fail horribly in my opinion.

    As for Blomkamp’s fears of being the ‘District 9 guy’, another District movie would be fine, but any other form of media would definitely do more to pigeonhole him.

  • The District 9 IP should be tied off right here. Now. We don’t need more media to “enhance” the world, we don’t need books or comics or sequels or tv shows or games. District 9 felt fresh and exciting and I’d like to be able to tell people in the future about this movie District 9 without having their opinions littered by sub-par follow ups.

  • Prawns! – is filmed on location with the men and women of District 9 law enforcement.

    A ‘COPS’ style District9 TV-show would rock my world!

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