New Costumes And Ultra Combos In Super SFIV

GameTrailers has posted an exclusive new trailer for Super Street Fighter IV that showcases the new costumes, rival battles and ultra combos coming with the updated version of the game. I always knew Zangief was totally metal.

Those new ultra combos certainly are impressive, but I never last long enough in a round to actually pull one off, so they just aren't all that exciting to me. What I do find exciting is metal Zangief, or Cammy in a female version of M. Bison's outfit. Those are the sort of new features that will get me to buy an enhanced version of Street Fighter IV, play it for a few hours, and then relagate it to my game library out of shame.


    This is more great news, but there's still something missing.

    I'm serious CAPCOM: World Tour Mode.

    Don't make me come around to your office and throw pebbles at your windows in the middle of the night.

    But have they fixed Seth? The ridiculously stupid boss that cheats?

    I remember reading an interview with a guy from Capcom saying that they are aiming to make Seth even cheaper than he already is.


    Seth isn't unbeatable, you just have to learn the matchup against him with your character.

    For example, a problem lots of people have with seth is that he teleports a lot on getup, so you have to guess which way you'll have to block or attack. If you're RYU you can simply light punch confirm into shoryuken as soon as you stand up. Or SAGAT you can light tiger knee on getup.

    Every character has a way to beat seth, just learn your matchups, no point in crying about how "your" playstyle doesn't work against seth, when you're at the arcade you wont be able to whinge like that either, learn a few styles so you can deal with every opponent, and LEARN YOUR MATCHUPS!

    Seth is fine. He is difficult to beat because he has moves from several character styles, very short recovery time from moves and takes obscene amounts of health for his supers, but he doesn't cheat.

    The only major problem was the ridiculously uneven difficulty. I tried to get my girlfriend to play street fighter for the first time since Champion Edition and she was having fun on easy... that is until Abel hit her with command throw into EX cancel, dizzied her and then did again when she was dizzy and taking about 60% of her health. Very advanced fighter tactics for easy mode.
    I helped her beat Abel and then the next character was back to easy mode. wtf Capcom?

    sorry mate but, you SHOULD be embarrassed.

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