New Final Fantasy Trailer Includes Music, English Voice Acting

Caught in the translation bubble that gave Final Fantasy XIII to Jan last month, but won't deliver it to the rest of us until March, we're all left to watch trailers of the game set to pop music.

In this one we get to watch the new International trailer which is set to the music of British pop and R&B singer Leona Lewis. We also get to hear a bit more of the new voice acting for the English release.


    I actually like the damn song, lol. I do like the voice acting too, which is a surprise! Just not sure yet about Vanille's voice...

    I hated that song, personally. I'm not a big fan of that type of music in general, but, in my opinion, it just doesn't go with FFXIII. Still, the English VA's were far better than I was expecting, although I still prefer some Japanese voices (e.g. Lightning's Japanese VA was just perfect, imo).

      Wow I was phrasing a comment in my mind and this is pretty much exactly everything I was going to say, in relation to the song.
      "I hated that song, personally. I’m not a big fan of that type of music in general, but, in my opinion, it just doesn’t go with FFXIII. Still, the English VA’s were far better than I was expecting..."
      Pretty much everything I was about to type.

    I really hope they include the Japanese theme song and that you can access it if you change the audio :(

    I like the song as well. I think it has a well suited place in the game.

    The voice acting is okay but i don't think it has surpassed the voice acting from Final Fantasy XII. I was absolutely blown away by XII's vocal soundtrack, but that being said i haven't heard all of XIII's yet and i could be making a hasty assumption.

    nah... that song may go down with some chick flick... that guy "snow" doesn't look quite masculine...

    I can't say I'm too fond of the music myself. I mean, it's not bad but it's not song I'd listen to on a casual basis. Never liked RnB and haven't been too fond of western pop music in recent years which this song is both of.

    Looks awesome.

    Lightning, Snow, Coccoon

    Seriously, Gayest...Names...Ever

    * I'm saying something really deep and emotional, I have to look at my feet with my back towards you when saying it.

      bahahaa couldn't have said it better

    Bloody Pop music ruins everything it touches why cant they use longs that actually reflect the shit thats going on in the game rather then soppy crap with no point to it

    ok 1) black guy and beanie guy look cool as lol
    and 2) i really hope that little kid isnt in it much. He's probs going to be one of those useless characters that just make life harder for you imo.

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