New Fist Of The North Star Screen (Yes, They're Already Dead)

Following up on Tecmo Koei's exact dating for the release of upcoming title Hokuto Musou, the company has released new screens.

The game, releasing in Japan on March 25, is based on post-apocalyptic manga Hokuto no Ken, or Fist of the North Star.

If you've been wondering what the heck is with the "already dead" nonsense appearing on some Kotaku posts, "You're already dead" is a catch phrase of sorts for character Kenshiro — see it in action in this clip from the anime.

The worst jokes are the ones you have explain — but amazingly enough, it seems there are people who walk the face of the Earth who have not seen Fist of the North Star, nor know this catch phrase.

Hokuto Musou is clearly the game's Japanese title. While Koei's Shin-Sangoku Musou is localised as Dynasty Warriors and Gundam Musou is called Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, we'd like to recommend this English language title for the game: BADASS.


    Did any of the older Hokuto no Ken titles ever make it to other regions before? I really hope this one does!!
    It will probably be instantly banned first though..

    Aaaatatatatatatatatatatatatatata!!! here we go again :)

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