New Gran Turismo 5 Trailer Breaks Free From Its Wind Tunnel Prison

Those Gran Turismo 5 screens didn't come alone. Oh no. This trailer came along for the ride.


    O Hai everyone! GT5 here,

    You know how you have been waiting for me for like... ages, and you thought I was coming to you soon, but then I announced last week that you will have to wait longer for me? I know, isn't it fun!

    Well, here are some screen shots and videos of what you can't have! I am such a tease *giggle*!!! Have fun boys! See you sometime in the future!


    Urghh... That car is painted Forza 3 colors..

    This is exactly like jail bait. You want it, but can't have it and have to wait just that bit longer.

      And if you do somehow have it, it's illegal that you're having it.

    song plz?

    also its bs how they delayed it. thanks for getting our hopes up. its too bad we cant show our rage by not buying the game because its going to be awesome and unmissable :(

      Lrn2google... Luca Ceccatelli - Get Away

    Still don't know if it will beat Forza 3 for me. The rewind feature has become second nature for me so I'm not sure how I will go back to not having that feature. Still, I'll probably buy it anyhow, knowing how easily hyped I get.

      If the rewind feature is second nature for you then stop sucking at racing games.

      Rewind is the worst feature in racing games. It breaks fun in the game when you know if you screw up you can just rewind that bit and try again.

      I love Forza 3 but the rewind feature just makes it way to easy. It's almost impossible to not get first in every race.

      I think they should do away with the driving line feature as well, I started using it in Forza 1 and it just became a crutch for me to lean on.

      These two features take alot of the challenge out of a racing game, and let's be honest that's what playing a racing game is all about. Coming in first because you learned the track and the handling of the car and became good at it. It's not about how well you can follow a green line or being able to rewind every time you stuff up.

      And what about the sense of accomplishment when you've tried to do something heaps of times and finally succeeded. I don't know about you but I don't want game companies to take that away from me.

      Anyway, enough ranting. I'm really looking forward to GT5 and it does suck that we can't have it yet, but if it means we get a better final product then so be it.

    Just fucking well learn to drive, one day in a dangerous situation it might save your life ! (that is if you had grown a spine got your drivers license own a car and actually drive)

    I've never used the rewind function in Forza 3 once. Useful for some, useless for others.

    video is unavailable?

      It's working for me.


    Forza 3 anyone?

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