New Red Dead Redemption Screens Saddle Up

Rockstar today released four new screens for their upcoming western title Red Dead Redemption. One of the has an exploding stagecoach. You sure know the way to a man's heart, Rockstar.

Red Dead Redemption is the sequel to Red Dead Revolver, probably the best (sorry Outlaws) cowboy game of all time. It's due out in April for the 360 and PlayStation 3.


    yeeeeaahh ride em cowboy

    hope rockstar learned that going for a realistic experience doesnt make a fun one.

    Hope the action is over the top and missons crazy as. Any word on wether clint eastwood is involved in the project?

    Lever action rifles and 6-irons are classy and never go out of fashion, Im gonna go 1886 on some bandits with them.

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