New Tales Of Vesperia Costumes A Veritable Namco Museum

Suspension of disbelief is apparently no concern for the typical Tales of Vesperia player, as seeing Klonoa, Mr. Driller or KOS-MOS in the Namco Bandai RPG is kosher, at least in the name of selling downloadable content.

The latest costumes to hit the PlayStation 3 version of Tales of Vesperia in Japan draw from Namco Bandai favourites like Soulcalibur, [email protected], Tekken, Family Stadium and more. They're due to hit the Japanese PlayStation Store this week for a mere 300 yen each, a small price to pay for a Mr. Driller outfit.

Sample each in our gallery.


    And still no news of a western release :(

    A Frederic Chopin costume? Do want even though it's most unlikely :(


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