Nintendo Of America President Downplays Need For HD Content

Nintendo Of America President Downplays Need For HD Content

So the Wii now has Netflix, just like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This, however, raises an inconsistency: both those systems can display high definition content, something the humble little Wii can not.

This should be a concern for Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, right? Apparently not, as he shrugs off the notion in an interview with NBC, saying “the vast majority of content for streaming on Netflix is not HD content, so there really is no loss for the Wii consumer with the fact they can’t get any HD content through our system”.

Well, there is. There’s the loss of HD content (a key appeal for newer stuff), which Reggie explains away with “the consumer has voted: over 26 million consumers have bought a Wii. The consumer is saying that for them, the quality of the visuals is not nearly as important as the overall experience, the overall value”.

Pressed on when Nintendo would release something that could output in HD, Reggie said the company will release a new console when the existing market for the Wii is “tapped out”, something he doesn’t believe will happen for “years”.

Wii At The Movies with Netflix [CNBC Video]


  • What a load of Bullocks, I haven’t played my Wii Since the release of SSBB, yet I use my PS3 and 360 on a daily basis. As far as I’m concerned Nintendo doesn’t exist anymore.

  • I don’t think many people actually factor in the HD issue when buying a Wii, it’s obvious that Nintendo doesn’t give two shits about making the best looking games. Besides are we really going to argue with the business decisions of Nintendo? The company practically owns the entire video game industry these days.

  • dude The wii is arguably just as HD as the 360/PS3..

    Netflix streams at DVD quality largly for starters which is not HD..

    secondly games

    Modern warfare 2 runs at 1024×600 resolution on PS3/360..

    Modern Warfare 1 and all other wii games run at 840×576 resolution on the wii..

    Do the math.. THATS EPICLY close..

    OH and yer Modern Warfare 2 and many other games dont even run at 720p..

    so much for HD..

    all the consoles run at abit under 720p… thats basicaly it. if you wii looks like crap get some new cables or a nicer TV!! it can look just as good.

    • you fail to realise that the wii can not upscale where as xbox 360 and ps3 can upscale games to full hd with looks MUCH better than playing it on the wii, and there are games like god of war 3 which is full hd 1080p.

      the only selling point for the wii was the movement thing which got old real fast, all my friends who own a wii rarely play it and regret buying one.

      i guess nintendo doesnt care about future proofing their system, i guess it makes it easier to milk their consumers.

    • Are you actually seriously Heath K are you just trolling? Regardless of your whole resolution comment, the Wii looks like arse when compared to X360 and PS3.. cannot even argue that it’s similar without seeming like a douchebag.

    • mw2 runs at 1080p on my tv dude.and as for getting a new tv so the wii will look good…bullshit.i have a 42 ambilite 1080 philips with the wii hooked up with hd cables and guess what?….it looks shit.

    • @Heath; yeah, I totally agree with this. The biggest problem is that most developers are extremely lazy. Why have so few games been able to look better than Zelda: Twilight Princess, a launch title, and what’s more, a port of a last-generation title. I’d say apart from Raymond Bryce’s character model (the rest of the game’s visuals were horribly bland), most of Metroid Prime 3, and most of Super Smash Bros Brawl, nothing I’ve seen so far on the Wii actually looks better than Twilight Princess. The Wii can do good, nay, excellent graphics. But no one can be bothered doing it.

    • The nicer the TV, the worse the Wii looks. Cables do nothing but milk more of your money because the bare minimum was shipped in the box. Oh and have you played Modern Warfare on another console? It looks EPICLY not like 5 gens old. Games on the proper consoles actually look decent on anything larger than a 12 inch CRT.

    • Is your argument that because some games are not encoded in high definition that it doesn’t matter that the Wii can’t display certain videos in their full resolution? That seems like a weird argument.

      • But the problem with all this is that you might say the Wii isn’t catering to the public, but when 51% of Gears of War 2 players are still playing on an SDTV, unfortunately HD TV owners aren’t even the majority of gamers at all (let alone gamers who have full 1080p TVs).

        You guys may be very vocal about this, but you also represent a very sheer minority. In fact PS3 and Xbox360 gamers represent a minority in the console pie anyway.

        I might have been wrong in saying “I totally agree with this”, because obviously the Wii isn’t “just as HD” as the other two…

        Wait I forgot what my point was.

  • A friend of mine made the point that Nintendo does something the others don’t. They ‘get’ gaming. They cater better for everybody that XBOX or PS3. And no I am not a Nintendo fanboy, I have both the 360 and PS3 but NOT the Wii. If there have been so many people buy a Wii, it’s surely saying something about what people want to play and Nintendo fill this role well.

  • Ultimately for myself and a lot of others judging by the sales numbers for first party titles, is that it’s nintendo’s franchises like zelda, mario, metroid, super smash bros, wii sports & wii fit etc. that people buy and enjoy playing, aside from the guitar hero francise (which is on everything). Who cares if it doesnt have hd, thats what the others are for. As much as i’d love a HD zelda, i’m just glad they’re making zelda and not leaving it in the dust like other projects. Could that even happen? Anyway the wii needs to be cheaper as its too close price point to the 360/PS3. Eventually a hi-def version will come its only natural, but for the meantime i think the majority of wii owners dont even know what difference HD would make to their wii fit lessons, only the hardcore minority, and we are a minority because not even 500,000 copies of the 3rd party “hardcore” games have sold, out of the 65 million wii owners, you think ninty hasn’t picked up on this?

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