Nintendo President: Wii Not Out Of The Woods Yet

As 2009 rolled on, it looked like Nintendo's Wii was finally running out of steam. But then Black Friday came along, and the console broke records. Same with December. Despite this, however, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is still urging caution.

In an interview with Reuters following a rebound in the company's share prices, Iwata said "I think it's now safe to say the Wii has recovered from slowdown".

"But I'm not sure if it's prudent to use words like revival and recovery lightly before making absolutely certain we can maintain this momentum. So, I steer clear of such words today."

Too late! You already said recovery!

Nintendo Wii posts record U.S. sales in Dec [Reuters]


    With SEGA pulling out of core games for the Wii, Nintendo will be for one hell of a ride next generation when its forced to rebuild its core audience from scratch.

      You think core gamers wouldn't buy Wii2 because they weren't playing much on Wii?
      I think any self respecting gamer would buy it based on whether there's games they want to play on it rather than how well SEGAs games did on this iteration.

    The "core" audience is the readers of this site and a hanful of others. We comprise maybe 5% of their total sales figures. If they lose 5% of their current market, but grow the market by even 1% total, its a huge net win.

    regardless, I dont play my Wii often, but I'm not unhappy with it as a system. There have been plenty of games on it to justify the purchase.

    I'm also assuming that having less retarded sequels lifted from furry erotic fanfic sites will not be a bad thing.

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