No LAN Or Dedicated Servers For BioShock 2 Multiplayer

How dare 2K Games turn its back on the PC multiplayer community that made BioShock ... oh ... uh ... that's right. Well, they confirmed that BioShock 2 won't support LAN gaming or dedicated servers anyway.

In a Q&A on multiplayer posted at the Cult of Rapture, 2K explained their absence as a matter of ordering priorities within a limited time for development:

Bringing Multiplayer to BioShock was a daunting task between the tech (there was no multiplayer support in the codebase from the first game) and the expectations of the community. Either you try to do everything and so nothing feels finished or you focus your efforts to do a smaller number of things really well like an accessible online experience.

The rest of the Q&A offers more details on how multiplayer will work on all three platforms for this game, which releases on February 9.

BioShock 2 Multiplayer and Matchmaking Q&A [Cult of Rapture]


    I understand, the multiplayer is just a side thing to keep you entertained for a little while, not a competitive sport style of thing. And they had to add it from scratch, and didn't want to pull resources off the single-player campaign. Sounds great to me!

      My response to this is although this is a shitty move, the dev definitely weren't hoping that multiplayer is going to be a main function of Bioshock 2 anyway.

      I was skeptical when I first heard about bioshock multiplayer--now I know it's definitely going to be crap. That saves me a few minutes of headache.

    Ive been posting on the 2K forums for some sort of clarification regarding matchmaking (and local search) for a while.
    While the developers were active in responding to other threads they were mysteriously absent (avoiding) my matchmaking questions.

    Its like IW and MW2 all over again.

      hardly the same thing

      there not removing any features that were in previous games for the ability to control the future of the game

      Also this is a game in the same vein as halo where you require more than 2 bullets to kill you so the casual lag that would come from a non dedicated server setup is going to have much less of an effect on the game

      at most it prevent people setting up crazy power matches via mods but then theres no garuntees that would have happened anyway

    This bugs me... it's like as though it was a decision from much higher up to tack on a multilayer mode, and the devs wasted their time on it. I can tell you now, after two weeks, no one will still be playing it online... Bioshock 1 was supposed to be a solitary experience, but this just cheapens it. And yes I was a massive fan of the first, but I'm not looking forward at all to the second... I'll probably get it when it's cheap.

      no you wont. you've already preordered the special edition

    No it's definately not IW and MW2 all over again.

    This time we have a game where the original had no multiplayer support what so ever in the original, so any form of multiplayer is a plus. MW2 on the other hand just kept going backwards removing things that were in previous games in the series and then trying to convince the community that it is actually better their way.

      I was referring to IW's response to the countless threads (including the current 300 page thread) of people crying out for local search.

    Meh. Just another company that doesn't want my money.

      The moment they put it up for $us80 on steam they lost my money.

        You'd be a muppet to buy it from the AUS page.

          People have had their Steam accounts banned for purchasing games from another region.

            After a quick google, I'm calling bullpoop.

    Okay this may not be the same situation as MW2, but i wonder how much more difficult it is to implement a dedicated server based system as opposed to the peer-2-peer system used in MW2 and presumably this?

    Is it really a matter of time, or this just part of the continuing trend of crapping on the pc gamers.

    Saying that they can pull off an online multiplayer experience but not LAN is just horrible lies. If you have the architecture for servers then you have the architecture for LAN.

    This is just more security bullshit that sees the customer receiving a product that is far less in quality and usability than the eventual pirated version will be.

      dont blame the devs. they have to work and adapt to a criminal system. they lose too much money from piracy to make the game readily available to them

        devs dont loose no-where near as much money to piracy as they claim to. Please don't excuse developer laziness due to software pirates

          The piracy excuse is rubbish. They've been using it since computer games started to take off and yet the industry has to continued to grow almost non stop for over 2 decades now, and has, as the games industry keeps boasting, surpassed many other entertainment industries.

          Anyway, BS is made with the U3 engine, and if i'm not mistaken, doesn't that include network code (including support for dedicated servers). Sounds like complete bs to me.

        Game stores have done more in recent times to deprive developers of money than pirates. Most people who pirate aren't actually costing the developers anything as they wouldn't otherwise buy it. It is the second hand game industry that takes most of the money away.

        Don't get me wrong, I don't begrudge a person the ability to sell their games, I just don't approve of the way game stores handle second hand games. They give the people selling them vastly less then they charge people buying and try to get consumers to buy the second hand copies instead of new. I have also seen many cases of second hand copies being more expensive than new ones (very common with games that get best seller editions) and having differing prices within the stock of second hand copies.

    Im not fussed about dedicated servers. Im happy with p2p. I just want to connect to people from my own country.



    its not like many of us wanted this game for the multiplayer anyway.

    Ehhh, i'm buying this game primarily for the singleplayer. Multi-player seemed pretty cool, but i doubt i will play it much. Especially when i'll have Aliens Versus Predator to keep me busy :P.

    However, i'm not a fan of where this trend is leading. Luckily we still have big devs like valve to keep PC games where they are supposed to be

    I'm sure nobody here was even looking to play the MP of Bioshock 2 anyway.

    No this isn't MW2 situation at all. Bioshock is made with single-player in mind. If you buy this for multiplayer, you're a dumbass.

    Decided not to buy it a couple of weeks ago when I found out they were doin that regional pricing bullshit on Steam. My original intent was to buy it for the single player anyway so either way I can't say I really care.

    oh yeah now that i cannot play the multiplayer experience i was expecting i shall have to boycott this game /sarcasm

    seriously, who the hell would NOT BUY THE GAME because the multiplayer has matchmaking, when if it didn't have multiplayer you would get it anyway?

      I never said anything about boycots or that crap.
      I will absolutely 100% positively be buying this game on release.
      But, Im worried the multiplayer (matchmaking) will be unfavourable to us Australians.
      BS2 multiplayer hasnt just been tacked on. Its been developed separately from the single player by another branch of 2K.
      Its no more tacked on than MW2's single player to the multiplayer.

    So guys when was AvP coming out again?

    I was planning on buying the 360 version anyway so it means nothing to me.
    Also, everyone crying about how it won't have dedicated servers so they don't want to buy it, ask yourself if you would've bought it if it had no multiplayer whatsoever.
    I bet the majority of you were happy enough with the first one single player and should be happy they decided to add an extra mode in the second.

    im buying it for the SP not the MP

    What's the big fuss? This trend isn't necessarily going to "destroy" the PC gaming platform.

    Comparing to MW2 is wrong. And even so, people on the PC are still playing MW2. But we won't go there.

    Bioshock 2 is certainly going to be on "Must HAVE" list, but like many other's, NOT solely for the multiplayer.

    Bioshock was and never will be one of those games that have a great multiplayer experiance, because it is trivial at best to play a multiplayer ADD ON to a franchise known for its awesome lone experiance :)

    The matchmaking system is tolerable. For those that can't stand or won't get used to it, that's your problem. You can't change a dev or publishing company/divison with rant's, 300 page threads or constant moaning and petty "Online Petitions" (only in special and rare circumstances). Be greatful that they do publish to PC, for a market dominated by console sales :)

      Attitudes like yours and all those people giving in and buying games like MW2 on pc (remember that pick of all the mw2 boycott members on steam) are the reason game companies are becoming increasingly worse in their drm and other "features" designed to give the customers less and them more.

      Not allowing people to create their own dedicated servers, but instead maintaining complete control of the multiplayer component isn't in the consimers best interests.

      The rampants cheating and poor online experience in MW2 as compared to MW1 should be testament to that.

      This is just game companies giving us the finger again.

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