No New Half-Life Coming In 2010, Says Game Informer

No New Half-Life Coming In 2010, Says Game Informer

The latest issue of Game Informer magazine has a bit of potential bad news for Gordon Freeman fans, casting doubt on the release of Half-Life 2: Episode Three in 2010.

Specifically, Game Informer’s rumour-centric Loose Talk column notes that there “won’t be any game from the [Half-Life]franchise in 2010, and what will finally come out is still unknown,” implying that the next entry in the series could be either Episode Three or Half-Life 3.

Valve is well past the estimated time of arrival for Episode Three, a blown date we didn’t expect after the release of concept art for that episode in 2008.

The developer has plenty to focus on in 2010 with Left 4 Dead 2 (and Left 4 Dead) downloadable content en route, as well as at least one more Team Fortress 2 update.


  • Ive lost all hope for Half Life, I think Valve have just screwed up a perfectly good and hugely popular franchise for IMO just another run of the mill zombie shooter. Valve are so focused on DLC for their current games without seeing the potential profit that could be had with Half Life.

    This just reinforces my opinion that Valve are one of the laziest game developers out there.

    • Valve? Lazy? Would you rather they rush every game they make out as soon as they can, incomplete and too similar to previous games? (Ie, L4D/L4D2)

      They take that long because they work on making new games, jsut a shame they forgot the idea behind episodic content was smaller parts, sooner, not long awaited expansion packs. But then again, they always take forever when Gordon’s involved, and considering the whole Aperture Science vessel, it wouldn’t be too much to assume that we’ll be thinking with Portals, and considering how buggy that could be, I’m not that surprised it’s taking so long.

      That said it would be nice to at least see something… :c

  • I think theyre probably working on a new engine for ep 3, which is why its taking so damn long and shrouded in such secrecy.

  • at Luke: Laziest devlepoers my ass, they constantly update their games on a weekly basis, and they are for free
    Left 4 dead is hardly run of the mill , their dedication to Team Fortress 2 is unparralleled by most developers

    The image i get from you however is a whining, spoilt consumer who if he doesnt get his way whenever he wants throws a tantrum
    If you think they are lazy not only are you stupid, but your incredibly greedy

    Can you imagine working on Left 4 dead updates, Team fortress 2 updates constantly and making a new game?Not to mention they dont have an incredible amount of employees, it would be taxing even for the most dedicated studio and yet they do it

    • “Can you imagine working on Left 4 dead updates, Team fortress 2 updates constantly and making a new game?Not to mention they dont have an incredible amount of employees, it would be taxing even for the most dedicated studio and yet they do it”

      Your ignorance is astounding. What you’re saying is that a large, professional, quality studio with many employees and the capacity to maintain many employees has only one studio group working on one thing at a time. They have separate teams working on HL, TF2 and LFD. If they wanted to take their sweet dickety time, then they could have just told us to wait and made a real expansion pack, not these broken promises episodes.

  • I’m also beginning to suspect that the reason its been taking so long is that its switched from being Ep 3 to full Half Life 3, along with a brand new engine. I replayed the whole HL2 series recently and although its still a fantastic game it does feel…Retro. I think part of that has to do with the engine and the fact that it must now be one of the few games that doesn’t use mo-cap in some way.

    I suspect they’re doing an update to make sure the franchise can still compete in the modern landscape of whizz-bang game engines.

    And for the people who been saying that LFD is impacting on the release date, its my understanding that the HL team and L4D’s are completely seperate so that’s not a factor.

  • No way… IMO, they should do Ep. 3 in the source engine, then make us wait however many years for Half Life 3. Source engine V2.0, anyone? Blows my mind just thinking about what they might do on real next generation hardware in a few years.

    As for Valve not caring about Half Life? It’s probably their primary concern… i.e. it’s the game where they really push the boundaries, it’s a game which all other games are compared with, and it’s their most famous and loved title… if you think they’d neglect it, you’re crazy.

  • Didn’t they state a while ago that Ep 3 would be their last source engine game?

    If this game is to come out this year then I think that would be plausible. Afterall the source engine continually suprises me, L4D2 looks pretty damned good imo but still falls short when compared to say the Unreal 3 engine. However if this article is true and we won’t be seeing Ep 3 in 2010, then I agree with the rest of you and fully expect Valve is working on a brand new engine for the game.

    Whichever the case its bound to be a great game.

  • Well at least we know its not vaporware but Valve better come out with someting completely amazing after all this time. if its a 5 hour campaign that looks like HL EP2 ill be very dissapointed. But i have faith in valve.

    Im beginning to wonder if they are prepping source engine 2 and HL3 or HL EP3 will be the flagship title, hence the long long delays.

  • I for one have grown accustomed to Valve’s lengthy development cycles. Whilst it would be nice if they could get their games out faster, I remain confident that whatever they do release will be well worth the wait. I’ve never been disappointed by one of their titles.

  • Well, valve has to end the game and they cant end just like going to borealis, looking for the chip, destroy it, go home and have a good sleep. Ofc its taking too long and no news about ep3 is just killing me. The only explanation i imagine is new engine.

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