Nomura: Still No FFVII Remake, But Maybe Cloud Cameos

Square Enix designer Tetsuya Nomura reiterated the no-plans watch for a Final Fantasy VII remake any time soon, although it would take much more than the nuanced way he said it to put to rest the speculation on this game.

In the current Famitsu, Nomura, who designed the game's much-beloved characters, says:

Fans are looking forward to an oft rumoured remake of FFVII, but I don't believe this will happen for the time being. However, it's possible that he will appear in other titles as a guest character.

So, "for the time being," isn't a "no way, never," but it's indefinite enough that Final Fantasy VII fans are just going to have to play the PSOne original. That said, the potential for cameo appearances by the protagonist of this cherished game is something to look forward to.

Nomura: No on Final Fantasy VII Remake, Yes on Cloud Cameos [Andriasang]


    They're going to release it, there's too much anticipation and they know they're sitting on a gold mine. However the plans they have set for the next few years obviously interfere with the possibility of remaking it.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they waited until next generation or used the game to plug one last sales pitch toward the end of the PS3s life cycle.


    An FF7 remake is exactly what Square needs right now, why wait another few years?, for another mass effect and whatever good RPG games come out of the west?. It’s obvious that FF7 will be remade at some point, all the little hits and easter eggs (and that FF7 tech demo they showed years ago) can’t be for nothing. I think the perfect thing for them to do would be to announce that an FF7 remake will be made within the next 3 years. If they make it at the end of this generation of consoles they could bring life back into the FF franchise going into the next generation.

      It's fine for all of us to say what SHOULD happen but it's a little different from what could or will happen.

      They've already told us they haven't given production any thought, and given the latest comment you can kiss your 3 year plan goodbye. Right now their focus is on FFXIII and FFIV.

      It's pretty clear that they're saving the FFVII remake to pull them out of the red should they screw up ala Spirits Within.
      A remake would basically be a license to print money, so why waste your only "get out of bankruptcy-free" card when you're already rolling in it?

      That, and the game itself isn't old enough to warrant a remake. The PS original is pretty ugly going back to it now, but it's still 1 and a 1/2 console generations ahead of the most recently remade title, ie. IV
      Chronologically we can expect a remake of V and VI before VII, and even VI is likely to be a while off yet.

      Actually, the tech demo proves nothing. Square released a tech demo of FFVIII on the PS2, and we haven't seen a remake of that. Having said that, I want a FFVII remake as much as the next person...

    I wonder why they haven't done a direct port to psp or ds?

      They have, on the psp. Get it from the PSN.

      Eh port? For Final Fantasy VII? You can download it for PSP off of the PSN...isn't that the same thing?

      As for a remake, never going to happen. He just says things like "for the time being" because it's funny to watch everyone squirm and jump to conclusions.

      I'm pretty sure the FF7 you can buy on PSN can be played directly on the PSP

    the 3d generation numbered final fantasies are too much of an asset to port to psp or ds. in my opinion a new gen ff7 remake's still possible, maybe for the 20th anniversary? isnt the compilation of ff7 spozed 2 go for a decade or somethin? what a more matching way to end the compilation than with a remake? 2017 anyone? hehehe

    They did make a port to psp, it's on the playstation store. The reason the haven't re-made it is because they are still reaping the profits from the original. Albeit the graphics are certainly below par for this generation to even attempt to get into it. Think about it though.. They're just now re-making ff4. That leaves quite a few more years and re-makes before 7 gets the treament. I love ff7...

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