Number Of New Intellectual Properties On The Rise

Number Of New Intellectual Properties On The Rise

According to a study performed by Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR), more and more publishers are betting their cash on new intellectual property.

Since 2006, the percentage of games hitting the market based on new, original IP (so not a sequel or a licensed game) has grown from 16 per cent to 22 per cent. Which is… nice, but EEDAR say the real improvement is in the number of individual properties being released, which has grown from 61 in 2007 to 126 in 2009.

I never did get the whole “we’re sick of sequels” argument, however. The biggest games of 2009 (and 2010) include Modern Warfare 2, Assassin’s Creed II, Mass Effect 2 and Super Mario Galaxy 2. All sequels, yeah, but all sequels to games released in 2007.

The Divnich Debrief: New IP Up 106% Since 2007 [IndustryGamers]


  • As you mentioned, IP may be on the rise, but the sequels still hold a very large majority of the power. I mean, the release schedule before xmas was like: MW2, AC2, L4D2, Uncharted2 and NSMBWii (which is technically a sequel to the DS NSMB).

    Since this is a study of publishers investments though, I presume it doesn’t include indie games (which are majority IP)?

  • I suppose it’s our fault, we the audience buy the sequels, just thinking about it makes me bleh, problem being with new IP’s is they don’t really have the polish to get people invested.

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