Nyko's Wand+ Has Wii Motion Plus Built Right In

Nyko does what Ninten-didn't with the introduction of the Nyko Wand+, a Wii remote alternative with Motion Plus support built right in.

Debuting today at CES in Las Vegas, the Nyko Wand+ features Full Motion Technology, offering the same 1:1 movement tracking capability as the regular Nintendo remote with the Wii Motion Plus add-on attached. In the official announcement, Nyko takes a subtle swipe at Nintendo for not creating an all-in-one controller of its own.

By building the technology into the controller, the Wand + provides all the functionality Wii gamers expect, plus the versatility and convenience they deserve; no more dongles, no more custom sleeves or incompatibility with docks and other accessories not able to accommodate attached dongles.

Ouch. If I were Nintendo, I'd be a bit embarrassed.

The Wand+ also includes Nyko's Trans-Port Technology, which allows action buttons to be replicated electronically on attached accessories, as opposed to Nintendo's analogue connector.

All this for $US39.99 when the Nyko Wand+ ships this March.


    That thing looks almost exactly like a Wii remote, wtf.

    I like the idea of it, but I don't really like the design. Although making it look just like a WiiMote would result in a surefire lawsuit from Ninty.

      Silly Adrian, there are tons of third party peripherals out there and they are allowed to design them however they want (unless it was a phallus or something else appropriate to a commonly used Wii critisism). They all generally look like that.

    i was wondering why nintendo hadnt done this.
    freaking stupid. itd save so much hastle.
    especially when you have a hands free nunchuck that has an attachment on the bottom that wont fit the motion plus damnit.

      The idea was when releasing the motion plus, they feared that no one would go out to replace all of their controllers with new motion plus standalone ones just to play one game.

      Seeing as though there are rarely any other notable motion plus games as well, I think it was a smart choice that they didn't go that path. However I would agree that they should release a standalone controller to meet any demands for it, but again due to the lack of support in games, they probably shouldn't until enough good motion plus games justify such a decision.

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