Original Aliens Vs. Predator Coming To Steam

Rebellion's original Aliens vs. Predator for PC, from 1999, will be released via Steam for "very cheap", sometime before the updated version releases on February 16, Rebellion's CEO says.

Update: It's already available, and it's $US4.99.

"It shows its age a little bit, but it is frightening and it is difficult," Rebellion boss Jason Kingsley told IGN. "We will in due course fix up the multiplayer - and we'll make sure it's a free download."

IGN reported there are "currently no plans" for an Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Network version but indicated those plans "could change soon".

Aliens vs. Predator Classic Coming to PC [IGN]


    The big red 18 in the bottom left of the picture just makes me laugh. Still it could be worse. At least our government isn’t banning games to celebrate communism.

      Don't bring down communism because of our ridiculous system

    The game is MA15+ in Australia

    I bought this. Its still really scary.

    I can't play much of the human campaign because of the random spawning and total darkness.

    I'm sure i'll grow some balls one of these days. =/

      I wouldn't recommend Dead Space then if you can't handle the scariness of AvP 1

        At least with Dead Space you know you can take them out. Here, you can't be so confident...

    Up now on steam for $4.99.

    Just bought it, this is classic! and for 4.99 USD cant go wrong

    Eh, i've played this game so many times i dont really want to buy it just for SP. If they patch in MP, and put up some decent servers, i'll try it out, but so close to the new AvP...

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