Pac-Man Gets Pac-Bun

While some of us are still waiting for burgers to be made in the shape of burgers from Burger Time, this meat(?)bun made in the shape of Pac-Man will have to do.

Kotaku reader Marcus informs our staff that this Pac-bun is going on sale this month in Japan to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man. Circle K stores in Japan will sell them for 120 yen ($1.40).

If you speak Japanese, maybe you can tell me what the filling actually is. There seems to be some disagreement about that.

パックマンが食べていたのはクッキーでした [via this Tweet which was via the guy who did music for PixelJunk Eden. ]

Thanks, Marcus.


    Ahhh, Burgertime. I loved that game when I was a kid. I wonder seeing how microsoft is putting Intellivision games into the new "Game Room" if it will end up there.

    Anyway, regarding the Pac-Man bun. When I saw that picture I couldn't help but think about a bunch of people at the factory being paid to take a bite out of every one. Hahaha.

    I can't read Japanese so this is pure speculation, but it looks like white sponge cake with a hard yellow icing outer shell. The yellow stuff inside looks like custard and the brown stuff.. unfortunately looks like mincemeat.

    I know the Japanese have odd tastes (from a Western perspective) but I think even that's pushing it a bit. Here's hoping it's some sort of chocolate confection instead. If so, it looks yummy!

      It's not sponge cake, it's a type of bread dough, yes it is meat filling - BBQ Pork.
      Got no idea what the outer coating is but the inner yellow filling not custard, what it actually is eludes me atm.

    It looks like creamed corn to me...

    sweet bean and meat maybe? sounds like a icky combo........ *goes out to try it*

    The original twitter account says 'oh sorry it's not a pork bun, it contains cream and almonds'

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