PC Beta For Battlefield Bad Company 2 Starts Tomorrow

Battlefield Bad Company 2's beta process has been a bit of a mess, but today DICE put PC owners out of their misery, providing details on when their version of the game's beta will get underway.

It'll begin tomorrow, January 28, and will commence at 1800CET, 1200EST and 0900PST. You'll be able to grab it from several locations, from EA to Steam.

Be interesting to see how the changes made to the game are shaping up, especially after that multiplayer trailer went and pushed all my buttons.


    Do you actually have to purchase the game online to get the beta keys, or does pre-ordering it from a local retailer get you a key as well?

    I thought you would just have to sign up somewhere and they might give one to you.

    I'll be there, i got my beta key a few days ago

    - Pre ordering is the easiest way to get a beta key
    - GA ( game arena ) are giving away 3000 of them, you can try and nab one if your lucky

    Got mine, so I'm ready to rumble.

    Demo is out on XBL.

    Lots of people (myself included) have been experiencing excessive crashes on startup. Have yet to actually play that game. But, it is beta so I'm not too fussed.

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