People Paying Good Money For Free FFXIII Item

The Final Fantasy XIII avatar pets that were handed out last week were free. And required minimal effort on the part of consumers. Still, even minimal effort is too much effort for some, who would rather pay for the thing.

Over the weekend, dozens of the little Chocobos went on sale over online auction site eBay, some going for as much as $US50. $US50, for something that a day earlier was handed out to thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people. Oh well. At least the shipping was free!

Crazy. Things have calmed down a little now, but the bait is still out there, dangling on the breeze. If you're tempted by this... look, if you're tempted by this, you deserve what you get. Take advantage of the free shipping.

Final Fantasy XIII Chocobo Codes Are Hot Commodities On eBay [Siliconera]


    i just hate how i missed it because gaming websites like palgn and kotaku - that i frequently visit, did not even report it.

    also, i never saw it advertised on xbox live

    seriously, why the hell would i go to the xbox website when im on xbox live playing modern warfare 2.

      also, no one in australia is selling one on ebay ;-;

      Yeah exactly. I would've gotten it if I'd heard of it, but... where was I supposed to see it?! I was playing on Xbox Live every day of my holidays but they didn't advertise it there at all. I was supposed to see it on their website? Wouldn't you prefer people play your games instead of wasting time on the internet?!

    Idiots... Its like the legend of the person paying $X amount for an air guitar.

    Oh God what? Paying for something that was given away for free? It's like the L4D2 demo and baseball bat code all over again.

      What was this? I don't remember hearing any problems with that

    Damn, already got mine, should of sold it, hah.

      I'm thinking exactly the same thing.

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