Perhaps This Bridget Is An Actual Girl

Yes, *another* Comiket cosplay gallery. Comic Market, or Comiket, ended on December 31, but Japanese website has recently posted a few more galleries of costume playing players. Have a gander.

Characters from titles ranging like Bayonetta, Dead or Alive, Fate/stay night, Fate/unlimited codes, Sengoku Musou 3, Monster Hunter and Guilty Gear - you know, the usual suspects, Kasumi, Saber, Hatsune Miku and the like. And maybe this Bridget cosplayer from Guilty Gear is a girl - who knows! The sky's the limit.

コミケコスプレレポその5, 6, 7 []


    ....greatest post ever

    But that Jeanne cosplay is a bit creepy

    can you contact some of these cosplay girls incase they need an australian mail order hubby or something?

    Oh wow..........Kasumi :3

    (Some of) these pics,

    are relevant to my interest.

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