Pink, Blue, Black Wii Controllers Coming To Australia

Bored of your plain old white Wii remote and nunchuk? Soon you'll be able to bring a splash of colour to your waggling.

According to retail sources cited by unofficial Nintendo site Vooks, coloured Wii remotes will be launching in Australia next month.

The date is pinned as February 25 for:

Wii Remote (Black, Pink, Blue) Wii Nunchuk (Black) Wii MotionPlus (Black)

Looks like my fantasy of a teal Wiimote will remain unfulfilled for the time being.

Coloured Wii Remotes dated for Australia [Vooks]


    Bored of your plain old white Wii remote and nunchuk?

    Yes, but that has nothing to do with the colour...

      Ooooooooooh SNAP!

    Coloured remotes and nunchuks have been out here for months. I picked up a black set just before Christmas.

    They're not Nintendo branded but I think they're pretty much on par in terms of performance. A bit cheaper too.

    How about a damn black Wii instead of just the controller!

    The Black Wii Motes, Nunchucks and Motion Pluses are out early March.

    And oh, the Black Wii itself is out here in the end of March. 25th to be exact.

    I thought everyone knew this?
    It's been old news since before Christmas.

    I can't wait for idiots to come in going
    "duh, does that mean there's a pink or blue Wii, duh"

    yeah they're on EB's website for 25th
    Black ones too
    they haven't got the Black Console listed though
    but Europe got it so usually we get it too.
    I'm going to get a Black Console just for Zelda

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