Plants Vs Zombies Shoots For Duke Nukem Status

When Totilo next updates his story about the games vying to replace Duke Nukem Forever as the most delayed title, he may want to consider adding Plants vs Zombies for the iPhone to the mix.

Initially announced in August for "late 2009", PopCap Games then said the gaming was coming in January. That quickly turned into late January.

And now, according to PopCap Games official Twitter, the game is set for a mid-February release. The good news? This time it's for reals, they say.

I'll hold my breath.


    i pointed this out on the iphone games article yesterday, i wonder if i had any impact on this story? if i did, woo

    If it's not out in 10 years, THEN you can compare it to Duke Nukem.

      This, seriously. I'll give them a month or three to make the game great, rather than sticking to arbitrary release dates and it sucking for it, like so many other games.

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