Play, Create, Share The ModNation Racers Beta Next Week

Sony has dropped us a line to say the ModNation Racers beta will be available in PAL territories - including Australia - as of next week.

PS3 exclusive ModNation Racers follows in the tradition of LittleBigPlanet and allows players to create their own kart racing tracks to share with the online community.

The North American beta ran from December 18 to January 10. Now, the so-called "European" beta will run from January 21 to February 14.

The beta is free and open to anyone - except there are only 100,000 spots up for grabs. On the evening of January 21, you'll be able to log on to the PlayStation Store and download the trial. Racing will begin on Friday, January 22.

Included in the beta are four premade tracks, two of which are exclusive to the European beta. You can also create and share your own character, kart and alpine themed race track in the editing suite.

Remember, once the beta has been downloaded 100,000 times, that's it, you won't be able to get in.


    Looking forward to this; the whole public betas thing this year so far (this and MAG) is very welcome... hope we see more of it as the year plays out.

    Karts?, no thanks, if anyone wants to check out a good racing game that has a heavy focus on creating your own tracks, check out “Trackmania”. It’s got that ludicrous sense of speed like burnout

    This sucks for us.
    It starts as soon as the PSN store opens and closes when 100,000 get it...
    The store updates at roughly 3am on Friday AEST.
    I love the public Betas but Aus seems to get seriously jibbed with them
    For example... was there ANY way to get in the BF:BC2 beta for Australians?

      Sony said it would be up on the store on the "evening of" January 21 - that's Australian time, too. I've asked for clarification and will update the post if I hear a more precise time.

        I've already been in both the BC2 and modnation north American betas. You just need a fake US PSN account and it worked a treat.

        Once it starts downloading you can move back to your Aussie account and play it on there.

        Oh that's awesome in that case.

      Generally the store is updated in the afternoon for UK, which sucks for us like you mention. For something like this though I figure it will be alot like Gran Turismo, which will be a morning update, for at the very least the Beta by itself and the regular update later on in the day.

      yeah , all you had to do was preorder it through EB Games. wasnt all that impressive though, gonna give it another shot with the pc beta

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