Play Modern Warfare 2 With A Machine Gun

CTA Digital, makers of Wii bowling balls, tennis rackets and pool cues, aren't content with cornering the market on bizarre Wii peripherals, they're bringing their line of unorthodox controllers to the Playstation 3 too.

While stalking the halls of the Las Vegas Convention centre this week during the Consumer Electronics Show, past women in evening gowns playing snowboarding motion games and people getting Tased, I was stopped in my tracks by the sight of a man holding a full-sized plastic automatic rifle pointed at an LCD displaying Modern Warfare 2.

The controller, packed with buttons, thumbsticks and a tiny speaker, lets you play the game while armed with a bit of plastic weaponry. The prototype is awkward to hold while playing and the speakers and rumble were so weak as to be unnoticeable on the show floor, but it certainly drew looks from the usually jaded CES goers.


    The only way to play if you want to get shot through your living room window by passing cops.

    wonder if they played 'no russian' on the show floor. Thats wouldn't stir up more controversy.

    How could you POSSIBLY play a FPS game with that?

      How could you possibly play a fps with a controller? Easy get used to it.

        'get used to it', is more like 'barley tollerate it'. Playing with a keyboard and mouse for most of my life has ruined me for console FPS. I can't play them for more than 15 minutes at a time, it makes my hands cramp something awful.

        Some games were just not meant to be on consoles, and those are FPS and RTS

          Just to amend that, some games, like Gears of War 2 and Halo 3 do an amicable job of making the experience not suck quite as much (through things like auto-aim), but if i could plug in a keyboard and mouse and use that i'd do it 100% of the time

          Are we really having this "debate"?

            As I am undecided I use a keyboard and two analogue sticks built into my desk.

            It is the far superior way of controlling your avatar, all else are newbs.

            It's just gonna be one of those debates Dave where he'll try to convince others he's right, whereas others know he's wrong. So it's a vicious circle.

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