Playing Dark Void PC At CES... In 3D!!!

Nonplussed by the PS3's Gran Turismo in 3D and sort of blown away by Super Stardust HD 3D, I was split on 3D gaming when it came time to check out Capcom's upcoming Dark Void.

Where Gran Turismo's 3D seemed to add very little to the experience, giving you a slight sense of depth but little more while driving, and Super Stardust HD blew me away with its attention to 3D detail, Dark Void was somewhere in the middle.

Flying through through the canyons of one level in 3D added a nice bit of perspective to the segment, but it was the firefights where the 3D best delivered. The images popped with the sort of crisp, in-your-face graphics that you'd want from a fast-paced title. Instead of using the tech to make the interface, like life and the weapon selected, float above the screen, the 3D helped give the world more depth.

One thing I would have liked to see were things shooting out at me as I played, the sort of effects that in a movie make you want to duck. Instead it was more about lending the structures, enemies and your character more visual substance.

The bigger issue is that the tech still feels like a gimmick applied last-minute to a game. As a big fan of first-person and third-person shooters, a game like Dark Void represents the sort of title I'd hope would use 3D to enhance the experience and not just the visuals.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. It was an impressive example of how adding Nvidia's 3D Vision to a game can give it a bit more sizzle. But it didn't do enhance the experience enough to outweigh the discomfort of having to wear glasses and deal with possible, for me inevitable, headaches from lengthy gameplay sessions.


    I like the idea of 3D in videos games, what I don’t like is that some developers seem to be putting it in as a throwaway gag just to fit the current trend. If you ask me, you have this great (new?) technology and you’re using it to make the already great looking cars look better. I don’t think games should just be putting in 3D for the gimmick, design games specifically for 3D. You can tell that GT’s efforts were thrown in at the last min and it shows.

      It all depends on what you want in 3D. I personally do not want the 3D gimmick of things popping closer to my face, which thankfully is getting killed off slowly in 3D cinema. But I do not mind 3D if used as an enhancement to the atmosphere and depth of the environment. Things just look a little livelier with the added subtle 3D effect, like in the Avatar movie, which I found to be very pleasant and added to the experience overall. If more games used 3D as a method to allow for seemingly deeper and more convincing 3D environments to play around with, more people will definitely be comfortable with the switch.

      I think however that they need to stick with glasses for a short while, as the mainstream only recently got accustomed to the HD trend. The last thing they want is to buy another TV for at least another year just for the added 3D effects. Built-in solutions such as 3D TV's should be worked on so that it will reach a more acceptable price point for maximum adoption, and release it a little later rather than sooner. I honestly have no problem with the glasses for the time being myself.

        I actually prefer things leaping off the screen, creating depth in the background image can be done with the current stuff.

        I think it adds to the immersion, which should be the overall objective, I think.

        I’m just worried that everyone is fast tracking this into homes to meet some imaginary deadline. If you remember back to the horror films that were made in the 3D craze of the 1950’s they were all just full of moments that “jump out at you”. Well it was cool at first but after a few years the novelty wore off and people got tired of it. Granted in 1950’s they had little possibility of innovation with 3D and no possibility to bringing it into homes, but they have that possibility now. Let’s say that tomorrow half of all homes had a 3D TV, where is the content?, we don’t have any, I can count the number of reputable TV channels that have a channel dedicated to 3D on one hand. I seriously doubt people will spend large amounts of money and wear those stupid glasses to experience a ping pong ball moving off screen a few times.

        It’s a shame because games have a much better medium for making 3D awesome. But as long as it’s focusing on moments that jump out at you 3D will just die out as soon as people get tired of it again.

    At the moment I believe it is added on as an after thought just to show what we can expect. When they start making games specifically for 3D it will be completely intergrated and won't have that gimmicky feel

    well it's still an option if you wish to enable 3D or not.

    you CANT design a game 'specialy for 3d.. when its 3d already..

    god some of you people are stupid

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