Playing Gears Of War 2 At CES... In 3D!!!

Of all the 3D content on display at CES 2010, it might have been the Gears of War 2 demonstration at Samsung's booth that was most impressive.

That was because it was the television doing all the work, not some specialised build of Gears of War 2 retrofitted to spit out 3D stereoscopic visuals. The Samsung HDTV on display could take any game from any console or any video source and simulate a 3D visual. And you know, it actually kind of worked. At least it did in Gears of War 2.

As we took down various Locust and were reintroduced to the gigantic Riftworm, there was a definite sense of depth, with subtitles popping in the foreground, objects in the distance feeling... well, distant. Did it add much to the experience? Not really. Not enough to invest in a new TV and feel comfortable throwing on a pair of powered shutter lenses.

And after playing Gears in simulated 3D, then looking at programming filmed by 3D cameras and properly separated to produce a 3D signal, the faked version appeared less impressive.

But as the technology improves, it might worth revisiting, as we were still wowed and maybe even a little stumped at how the process worked. Maybe we'll check in with it again when Gears of War 3 ships, see if we're ready to reinvest in HD and 3D.


    Wait, am i missing something? Has there been some sort of Gears of War 3 announcement. This is the second time i've read a Gears of War 3 thing on the net.

    I remember reading how Epic weren't rushing to do it and could even wait til Unreal 4.

      You're not missing anything. It hasn't been announced. They are doing development on the fourth Unreal Engine but not on Gears 3 just yet. So yes, you are missing the nuance in the last sentence where he implies that the tech has a long way to go.

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