Playing Gran Turismo 5... In 3D!!!

Sony's CES booth was heavy on 3D content, the current fancy of consumer electronics makers, including a playable 3D version of Gran Turismo 5 for the PlayStation 3. Does the Real Driving Simulator become even real-er when played in 3D?

Well, it certainly ups the challenge, as adjusting to a 3D display while coming to grips with Gran Turismo 5's impressive driving physics doubles the learning curve. But it certainly looks 3D with the PS3 game's HUD popping against a cockpit that simulates a real feeling of depth, from the steering wheel and driver's hands displaying in the foreground, down to the 3D vents in the dashboard.

It was impressive. But it was also a little bit disorienting. That may be due to my penchant for oversteering the Mazda that was available to take for a spin. And I mean that literally, as the braking in GT5 and the force feedback from locking up the tires sometimes sent be spinning wildly out of control. Readjusting my eyes to the 3D display afterward took longer than my eyes were comfortable with.

The 3D effect was, for lack of a better word, tastefully done, offering a sense of depth to the road ahead without much in the way of technical gimmickry. But it did have a drawback, as objects far in the distance and shadows cast on the car's interior introduced a more noticeable moiré pattern effect when viewed in 3D.

As a tech demo, GT5 in 3D was interesting, even if the extra visual tricks didn't add much substance to the experience.

Sony plans to update the PlayStation 3's firmware at some point in 2010 to introduce 3D content - reps said "summer" - if you'd like to test out 3D gaming yourself.


    Do i need a new tv for 3d?

      Probably yes, unless it's a brand spanking new Sony that has all sorts of 3D advertising stickers all over it. You'll also need to wear a pair of $50+ glasses, though I believe TV makers will be including a pair with their TVs.

    If your TV can handle 120Hz, then you might be okay.

      Damn... My TV is only 100Hz, 20Hz off.

      I think that the type of 3d Sony is going to incorperate stereoscopic 3D which means that you probably dont need a new TV. Considering that true 3D televisions are probably 2 to 3 years away.

    Some games just aren't meant for 3D. I don't quite get Sony's sudden loving to 3D.

      Perhaps because the Avatar movie in 3D racked in bucket loads?

        Yeah but they been talking this crap up for months on end, well before anyone could even predict if Avatar was going to be a success, let alone make back its budget.

        I guess Sony are looking for ways to broaden the market without JUST relying on motion control to copy Nintendo. Not criticizing the move cause one can easily just avoid buying into it. But MS have Natal with, although is motion control, is nothing like the Wii for the fact there is no controller & all that. Sony have their fancy plastic wand and i guess are thinking, hmmm 3D, going to get more popular. Beat Nintendo (which i strongly promote). Lets do it!

    a big meh to 3d for me

    I think gaming in a sense is .... bad enough for your eyes .. but all this weirdo depth perception is going to re-write my brain and I'll drive to the milkbar and end up on my roof outside the police station not too dissimilar to GTA IV.

    Avatar in 3D was impressive (even if the movie was not.) I'm interested in 3D gaming, particularly driving games. The extra perception would be freaky cool.

    I'd be a lot more interested in 3D gaming (and movies, for that matter) if you didn't have to wear the stupid glasses.

    Many TVs that claim to be 100hz or 200hz are actually refreshing the image at 50 or 60. The higher number is the flicker rate of the backlight tube.

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